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'The Field Kit'

Package Editions

'The Belt Fed Bourbon Field Package' at a discounted price! 

$78 Value for just $55.60 

You Get These 556 Body Ops Product All In An Ammo Can:

Triple Threat Hair + Beard + Body Wash 'Belt Fed Bourbon' ($25 Value) 16.9 oz

Command The Day All Natural Deodorant 'Belt Fed Bourbon' ($12 Value) 2.65 oz

Got Your Six' Man Wipes 1 Pouch ($6 Value) 48 count

 4 Pack Boogah-Loofah' ($15 Value)

First Wave' Ammo Can ($20 Value)

The Perfect Gift!

 ALL Natural & Organic Ingredients

Our Belt Fed Bourbon Signature Scent 

Handcrafted In Small Batches

Made In The USA🇺🇸

 Same Great Scent In All 5 Editions - You Choose The Edition, We Make The Donation

$78 Value for just $55.60!

What Does "Belt Fed Bourbon" Smell Like?

🥃Full-Auto Range Days With The Boys Mixed With Sandalwood Flavored Bonfire Nights Enjoying Our Favorite Bottle.🥃

    556 Gives Back

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