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April 06, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

556 Body Ops "Triple Threat" Hair+Beard+Body Wash comes in 5 different Editions, but only ONE SCENT. the same can be said about our all-natural "Command the Day" deodorant. They are available in those very same five editions and the very same, singular scent...BELT FED BOURBON. Each edition helps a different cause and a different kind of hero. But the scent is another story.

The Ballad of Belt Fed Bourbon

We were all sick and tired of it. The SMELL from HELL. That's what we called it when a person used different body care products, all with different jobs and completely different scents stacked one on top of the next until it gets Over-Smell-ming. After washing, rubbing, scrubbing, shampooing, conditioning, shaving, grooming, and "getting fresh AF," the average guy smells like a half-dozen frat boyz downing Claws over spring break. We were all wearing too many scents, which didn't make...sense.

So, we made 556 Body Ops different. We wanted our main products to share the same great smell, and we wanted that smell to be subtle and smooth. None of that overpowering "dorm-room-date-night aqua de toilette bodyspray bullshit". We all wanted just ONE unique fragrance that was understated, masculine, and mature. A scent that men would like wearing, and that others would actually likes melling - if they got close.

More Than a Good Smell

We wanted the 556 Body Ops brand to be about more than just the right smell. Triple Threat had to be all-natural with no harsh detergents, toxins, or sulfates. To make it a true "All-In-One" it needed to be great for hair, body, AND beards. So we made it with as many organic ingredients as possible. That's how it can be so gentle on beards but tough on crusty frumundas at the same time. With Triple Threat, you can use just ONE wash with ONE scent to keep your hair, beard, and body fresh.

The same was true for our all-natural deodorant. We wanted it to be just as durable and long-lasting as we had come to expect from a good deodorant, but with NONE of the harmful toxins, parabens, or aluminum. Just the same all-natural, top-quality ingredients and ONE smell.

Ride or Die

After endless searching, testing, experimenting, arguing, and straight-up fisticuffs, we landed on a formula we all enjoyed. It had a sweet smokiness to it that just felt good. It didn't feel like it was too dark or musky. It didn't smell too sweet or soapy. To us, It just smelled "like Freedom." Plus, it had all the right stuff, and none of the deal-breaker poison bullshit ingredients other products used. So, we tested it. We needed to know how long we could go without getting sick of that ONE smell. We ran both the "Triple Threat" all-in-one and the all-natural "Command the Day" deodorant through the man-stank gauntlet. We worked, played, fought, and did everything else with it every day to test it. Then we kept testing. We lived with these products day in and day out, week after week, month after month to find how much we could stand it. We promised each other we would ride-or-die with the same scent every damn day until we HATED it.

But that's just it. That day never came.

The Birth of a Legend

Thus, the first official 556 Body Ops scent was born. We dubbed her"Belt Fed Bourbon" because the smell still reminds us of full-auto range days with the boys mixed with bonfire nights enjoying our favorite bottle. Not a bad day to think of every morning.

Belt Fed Bourbon is battle-tested, wife, GF/BF, and CO approved. We know for sure it's a scent we can live with because, to this day, we still do.

We're not saying this is the only scent we're going to make. We've already dabbled a bit with other ideas, and we'll keep on testin', tusslin', cussin', and hustlin' until we have another all-around GREAT scent to add to our line.

So if you're suffering from the same over-scented situation, and most men are these days, you might want to buy yourself a pair of these premium all-natural products in the edition of your choosing and solidify your scent.

Be a man with ONE smell, not six. Plus, every time you buy Belt Fed Bourbon scented products from us, you'll be supporting your choice of five causes that do incredible good in the world.

Now THAT makes sense.


Have you lived the Belt Fed Bourbon life yet? If so, what's it smell like to you?

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November 19, 2020

My husband started using this and let me tell ya… I cannot stop smelling him! He smells so good and it last all day long! It’s true… he smells like freedom and a man! I love this line.

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